Architectural Design

All projects are made of brick, mortar and steel. At the same time, each project is unique and has distinct personality as a human being. This is accomplished by the Architects through imagination and is influenced by site, culture, community aesthetics etc.

Structural Design

Electricity has become one of the most essential requirements of daily life. Electrical design and consultation is a specialist job and a demanding profession which requires skills, domain expertise and adequate understanding of governing rules and regulations like IEC & IER etc.

Civil Engineering Design

In the modern society, civil engineering infrastructure has become the most critical component of any project due to the complex interactions between increasing investment requirements, reducing land availability, varied stake holder expectations, increasing risk, controlling and minimizing environmental impacts, increasing regulatory compliance requirements etc.

Our Service

1. Consulting for Renovation & Restoration of Buildings

2. Issue of Structural Stability Certificate – District Collectors Class 1 & Class 1A Panel Engineer.

3. Valuation - Income Tax Department, Wealth Tax GOVT OF INDIA

4. Chartered Engineer Certifications – Civil, Mechanical

5. Soil Testing Services & Reports

6. Digital Survey of Land And Buildings with total station Instrument & GIS GPS Instrument – LICENSED SURVEYOR

7. Structural Design & Detail Drawing of Structure, PEB, RCC, Composite (STEEL & RCC)

8. Inspector of Factorirs, Govt of Tamilnadu, Licensed Engineer for Building & Factories.